Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Obligatory Introduction

I'm entirely new to blogging. I've participated on online discussion forums, bulletin boards, and chat room groups for more years than I particularly care to admit to, but I've never gotten into blogging. In fact, I'm not even a regular reader of blogs, either. But in recent years, I've had a growing desire to change these facts. That being said, I think it's customary for every blog to have an obligatory introductory post, right?

I'm not entirely sure I really want to discuss specifics about my identity. Not that I'm "in the broom closet" or require anonymity; I just don't think it all that pertinent to (and maybe even distracting from) the purpose and function of this blog, which I'll describe later. That which is relevant about myself is pretty simple and straight-forward.

I'm a Pagan and have been since I was in 8th grade. I've studied eclectic witchcraft, chaos magick, some ceremonial magick, and am now studying British Traditional Wicca. I have also been practicing a traditional African religion since I was 15. I tend to keep my religion--that which binds me to the Gods--and my magical practice--that which affords me influence and harmony with the physical universe--relatively separate.

This blog, which I suspect will go through various changes according to my personal gnosis and eccentric whims, is intended to serve as a reflection of the madness within. Least of all, it will be a record of my journey from this point on, but, most of all, it will serve as an easily accessible, easily navigable format by which to jot down wayrward thoughts, record and work out ideas that linger, and articulate the general craziness that whirls inside my pretty little head. Maybe even discuss ideas and thoughts with those of similar interests.